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Buttock pain - causes of buttock pain

Buttock pain is very common, but is usually perceived by those affected as back pain or lower back pain, since it is generally assumed that the butt begins where the buttock fold begins - instead, the gluteus muscles begin at the back of the pelvis.
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Naturopathy: Medicine from the rainforest

The tropical rainforests are the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth and probably these species also offer the most healing substances. Aborigines on the Amazon, in the Congo or in the dwindling tropical forests of Borneo have handed down a large number of already known medicinal plants; but most of the active ingredients are probably still undiscovered for science; In Costa Rica alone, researchers have discovered 400 new plant species with promising potential in the past 25 years.
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Dm recall campaign for baby care lotion

Baby care lotion at dm is being recalled The drugstore chain dm has launched a recall campaign for the baby care lotion from its own brand alverde. Inflammation could be promoted by the presence of yeast, the manufacturer warned. Given the sensitive skin of babies, use is strongly discouraged.
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