Dark chocolate polyphenols: Health benefits are overrated

Dark chocolate polyphenols: Health benefits are overrated

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Switching to dark chocolate is unnecessary from a health perspective

Several studies have already found that dark chocolate is healthier than whole milk chocolate. The contained phytochemicals are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus protect the cardiovascular system. Health professionals believe, however, that it makes a lot more sense to get the polyphenols from another source and let chocolate be a luxury.

A luxury food for gourmets - and not a sugar bomb for calorie sinners. Dark chocolate has a clearly better reputation than whole milk. But is that even justified?

Chocolates should remain a matter of taste

Light or dark? Dark chocolate is often considered the healthier alternative to whole milk. The differences are so small, however, that a changeover for whole milk fans hardly makes any sense, writes the “Neue Apotheken-Illustrierte” (issue January 15, 2020).

Polyphenols are healthy - but not necessarily made from chocolate

An important reason for the good reputation of dark chocolate is that it contains more so-called polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory effects, for example. But that's why nobody has to eat extra dark chocolate, writes the magazine: With an otherwise healthy diet, people should ingest such phytochemicals anyway by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Dark chocolate is also a calorie bomb

Calorie bombs are both varieties: dark chocolate contains a few kilocalories, the sugar content is lower, but there is often more fat in it. Overall, there are hardly any differences. The tip remains: Occasional, conscious chocolate enjoyment is fine. The candy only becomes a problem if you eat too much of it too often.

Tip: Do not stock up on chocolate at home

In order to get a grip on chocolate consumption, the magazine recommends above all not to stock up on giant bars. It is better to have chocolate packaged individually or already cut into pieces. And if you still eat too much, you can pre-portion the chocolate and store it in the freezer. Then you let individual pieces melt in your mouth instead of eating whole bars - and enjoy it consciously. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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