Clitoris is important for pregnancy

Clitoris is important for pregnancy

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The clitoris - more than just a pleasure organ

In a recent study, the far-reaching processes on the female body that were stimulated by the clitoris stimulated. It was shown that the female “pleasure organ” is much more important for human reproduction than previously thought.

The English sexologist Roy Jerome Levin documented the influence of the clitoris on reproduction in humans. "The often repeated mantra that the only function of the clitoris is to induce sexual pleasure has become obsolete," emphasizes the scientist. His research work was recently published in the specialist journal "Clinical Anatomy".

Reproductive properties of the clitoris

Levin was able to document that stimulation of the clitoris triggers a certain stimulus in the brain, which triggers a multitude of processes that are important for fertilization of the egg cell. Therefore, according to the sex expert, the clitoris has both reproductive and pleasure-promoting functions.

What happens in the body when the clitoris is stimulated?

According to Levin, irritation of the clitoris activates a brain-controlled process that promotes pregnancy. The stimulation initially increases the blood flow in the vagina. At the same time, the vaginal transudate is released, which on the one hand facilitates the penetration of the penis and on the other hand briefly raises the acidic pH of the vagina. This temporarily reduces the natural acidic protection mechanism of the vagina in favor of the sperm.

Clitoral stimulation makes pregnancy more likely

In addition, the oxygen content of the vagina and the vaginal temperature are increased. In addition, the position of the cervix is ​​changed so that sperm can reach the uterus faster. Overall, all processes triggered by clitoral stimulation aim to increase the chance of pregnancy, says Levin. All of these genital changes together are of great importance to promote reproductive success. "This concept changes an important sexual belief - and the physiological evidence is now obvious," summarizes the sexologist. (vb)

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