Breast cancer in men is more often fatal

Breast cancer in men is more often fatal

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Mortality in men with breast cancer is higher than in women

While breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, men are rarely affected. However, the disease tends to be fatal in men. According to a recent study, their mortality is higher in all disease stages than in breast cancer patients of the same age.

Men are more likely to die of the disease than women when diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the research team led by Dr. Xiao-Ou Shu from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the USA. In their study, the researchers compared the mortality rates of breast cancer patients. The study results were published in the specialist magazine "JAMA Oncology".

Mortality among men was 19 percent higher

Based on the National Cancer Database, 16,025 breast cancer patients and 1,800,708 breast cancer patients who had been diagnosed with breast cancer during 2014 were identified. A comparison of mortality showed that male patients had a 19 percent higher overall mortality within five years after diagnosis than women in the same stage of the disease, even if clinical features such as cancer, treatment and access to care were taken into account.

Causes of the differences

According to the researchers, the differences in mortality are probably due to biological differences, but other factors such as a reduced effectiveness of the treatments or an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. alcohol consumption and smoking) could also play a role.

Good starting conditions for therapy

Around 85 percent of breast cancer cases in men are actually estrogen receptor positive (ER +), so hormone treatment should work well. The proportion is only 75 percent for women, but apparently the therapy is more often successful. “In theory, men should achieve better results and have a lower mortality rate than women if the treatment is just as effective,” emphasize the researchers.

Further studies required

Given the significant differences in mortality, there is also the question of whether there are other biological differences between estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer in men and women, Dr. Shu. "The bottom line is that we need more studies that focus specifically on male breast cancer," summarizes the study director. However, international cooperation is necessary here, because due to the low likelihood of illness among men at the national level, insufficient data is available. (Fp)

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