Lose weight: eat carbohydrates at night as a nutritional recommendation

Lose weight: eat carbohydrates at night as a nutritional recommendation

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Lose weight faster with an evening carbohydrate intake

If you want to lose weight, you are often advised not to eat after 6 p.m. In addition, it is often recommended to avoid carbohydrates in the evening. But an expert now recommends eating carbohydrates at night if possible, because this is more beneficial for fat loss.

It is a common belief that eating carbohydrate foods in the evening can ruin an otherwise good diet. However, an expert now claims that eating carbohydrate-containing foods after dark can actually accelerate weight loss.

It depends on the total number of calories

London-based fitness coach and nutritionist Matt Hodges found that eating foods like rice, pasta, and bread before bed could help you lose more body fat, according to a report by The Sun newspaper. He recommends those who want to lose weight to exchange breakfast for dinner. "Eating carbohydrates at night is cheaper for fat loss," the expert told the Healthista portal.

“We now know that our bodies become metabolically active and burn fat in later phases of sleep. So the idea that you are gaining weight from a meal that you ate just before bed while you are asleep is nonsense. ”He also claims that a carbohydrate meal at night could help muscles use glycogen, the fuel our muscles need for training the next morning.

According to the newspaper report, nutritionist Azmina Govindji also stressed that there is no evidence that eating carbohydrates at night is bad. "It's just that the total calories you eat are less than you burn."

Weight loss is accelerated

She also pointed out that there are indications that certain carbohydrates can promote good sleep in the evening. Apparently, carbohydrate-rich foods help the body release chemicals like tryptophan that support the production of neurotransmitters in the brain that calm our nerves and help us stay asleep. She added: "Oatmeal cooked with skimmed milk just before bed is a great snack that is low in fat and contains many soothing B vitamins."

A 2011 study also showed the extent to which eating carbohydrates in the evening can accelerate weight loss. Israeli researchers tested the theory on 70 volunteers who divided it into two groups, one who ate their carbohydrates during the day and the other who consumed 80 percent of them at night. Within six months, the latter had lost more weight and body fat and were less hungry all day. Another study published in the "Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease Journal" showed the same results.

According to the "Sun", it turned out that eating carbohydrates at night "can prevent hunger at lunchtime, better support weight loss and improve metabolic results compared to conventional weight loss diets". Graeme Tomlinson, a personal trainer and nutritionist, said this proves that the link between nightly carbohydrate consumption and weight gain is a complete myth.

He said that the thought that you shouldn't eat carbohydrates at night if you want to lose weight is probably due to the fact that our metabolism slows down during sleep. "But according to a study published by the Obesity Journal, a test group that ate most carbohydrates daily in the evenings actually showed greater losses in total body weight, body fat and waist size compared to those who consumed them during the day." Although scientific research is only a small selection, it is "evidence of this mythical error," said Tomlinson. (ad)

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