High cholesterol: two injections per year instead of statins

High cholesterol: two injections per year instead of statins

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Daily intake of statins with high cholesterol soon unnecessary?

For millions of people with high cholesterol, two yearly injections could make taking statins unnecessary. This could revolutionize the treatment of high cholesterol in the future.

The current study commissioned by the Medicines Company found that syringes that only need to be administered twice a year could replace the daily intake of statins when the cholesterol level is high. The results of the study were presented at this year's European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris.

Halved cholesterol without side effects

The investigation included approximately 1,600 people. The participants were medically monitored for a period of 18 months. It was shown that an injection can halve the level of cholesterol in the blood without recognizing side effects, the researchers report in a press release. The drug Inclisiran used here had very positive results, which could change the lives of millions of people around the world who currently still have to take tablets with statins every day. The drug could even help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, according to the research group.

Will the injection be available on the market in two years?

The study was conducted under the direction of Professor Kausik Ray for Medicines Company, which manufactures the drug. The results of the investigation were presented at this year's meeting of the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris. There, the researchers emphasized that the use of cholesterol was a decisive factor and that ease of treatment played a key role. It is to be hoped that the new injection will be available on the market within two years.

Injection can improve the lives of people with high cholesterol

The researchers are of the opinion that such an injection could improve the lives of people with high cholesterol, for example if they normally occasionally forget to take their statins or suffer from side effects from the medication. Initially, the tablets would likely still be taken daily after the injection to ensure safe treatment until it can be fully ensured that the affected person will benefit from the effects and will not experience any side effects. The prospect of driving remarkable, transformative progress in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is very encouraging, according to the researchers. (as)

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