Enterococcal warning: drinking water should be boiled in some regions of Germany

Enterococcal warning: drinking water should be boiled in some regions of Germany

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Update from 06.07.2019, 10 a.m.

The Bavarian Forest water supply just announced: According to the current sampling, all samples are without findings. So no further enterococci were detected. Formally, however, the result of the accredited laboratory still has to be awaited on Monday. Until then, the decoction order of the Deggendorf health department still applied.

Water supplier pronounces decoction order

A German water supplier orders the boiling of tap water. Enterococci have been discovered in drinking water in some cities and towns in Germany. These bacteria can be harmful to health and trigger diseases such as urinary tract infections, peritonitis, wound infections, blood poisoning and cardiac inflammation of the heart.

The Bavarian Forest water supply warns of bacteria in drinking water. Harmful enterococci were found in samples. The water in the catchment area should therefore only be consumed boiled. Water that is used to wash fruit, vegetables and other uncooked food, to make ice cubes or to brush your teeth should also be boiled. In addition, boiled water should be used for personal hygiene in small children as well as in sick and immunocompromised people. In healthy people, the water can be used for bathing, showering, for the dishwasher, coffee machine and toilet flushing.

Which localities are affected?

As the water supply Bavarian Forest reports, the following cities and municipalities are affected by the contaminated drinking water:

  • Deggendorf district: Aholming municipality, Buchhofen municipality, Künzing municipality, Moos municipality, Deggendorf city (OT Natternberg, fishing village), Otzing municipality, Osterhofen city, Plattling city (OT Pankofen), Stephansposching municipality, Wallerfing municipality.
  • Passau district: Aidenbach market, Aldersbach municipality, Vilshofen city.
  • Dingolfing-Landau district: Wallersdorf market.

Water is currently being chlorinated

The water supplier is currently chlorinating the drinking water in the areas specified above. It is estimated that chlorinated water will reach the end user by the evening of Friday (July 5th, 2019). A detailed assessment of the situation is expected in the course of the coming Monday. The decoction arrangement will remain until the situation is clarified, according to the Bavarian Forest Water Supply. (vb)

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