Lose weight with the right diet - it comes down to a negative calorie balance

Lose weight with the right diet - it comes down to a negative calorie balance

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Reduce weight with exercise and the right diet

Health experts say that an increasing number of overweight people are living in Germany. The main reason for this is the widespread lack of exercise and high-fat and sugar-rich food. With exercise and the right nutrition you can manage to shed extra pounds.

Unhealthy lifestyle favors overweight

More and more people are too fat. In most cases, overweight or obesity (obesity) is due to an unhealthy lifestyle with little exercise and lots of energy-rich food. But what is the best way to get rid of extra pounds? With sports and the right nutrition, health experts explain. However, diet pills are not recommended.

Diet products are not recommended

In a recent announcement, the Barmer health insurance advises against the use of diet products.

"There are no miracle cures that easily let the pounds drop," says Micaela Schmidt, nutrition expert at Barmer.

“If you want to lose weight, you have to exercise regularly and thus boost fat burning. It is also necessary to change the diet with fewer foods that are heavily sweetened with sugar or contain hidden fats. ”

Otherwise, the yo-yo effect often occurs after slimming products are discontinued. Often you end up weighing more than before.

Burn more calories than ingest

The calorie balance is particularly important. According to Schmidt, it is crucial to lose more calories than to lose weight when losing weight. As the health insurance company says, dietary supplements could at best be supportive. There are different modes of action.

Some dietary agents prevented the breakdown of fat in the food, others relieved the feeling of hunger.

"Especially with satiety capsules that swell in the stomach, you should drink a lot to prevent constipation," said Schmidt.

There are also capsules that stimulate the metabolism. However, the healthiest and most sustainable method remains to eat a balanced diet and exercise enough.

Eat regularly and slowly

Regular diets help you lose weight, advises Schmidt. You should eat slowly, as the feeling of satiety often begins after 15 to 20 minutes.

It depends on you whether you eat five smaller meals or only three larger meals a day. If you have an appetite for sweets, you should choose fruit instead of whole milk chocolate.

Fresh apples or pears, for example, contained less free sugar and calories, but instead they contained important vitamins and minerals and, above all, unpeeled fiber.

"If you eat a balanced diet and avoid fast food, ready meals or sweets as far as possible, you are well on your way to achieving your dream figure," says Schmidt. (ad)

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