Constant hygiene error: Many people make this error every day on the toilet

Constant hygiene error: Many people make this error every day on the toilet

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Visiting the toilet: This error spreads pathogens when flushing

Wr already talking about going to the toilet? Most people adopt certain habits in the toilet, as they learned from their parents. After that, the topic of the toilet is taboo. This is exactly why most of us make hygiene mistakes that favor diseases. In this article we describe the most common mistakes and show solutions.

Pathogens in the loo

Many people find it uncomfortable to go to public toilets. After all, many pathogens can romp around there. But germs can also lurk in the home toilet. Among other things, because of a mistake that most toilet visitors make.

Close the toilet lid before flushing

Most people realize that it can be a little unsanitary in the toilet. Some therefore put toilet paper on the toilet seat to protect themselves from germs.

But one thing is not considered by most people:

The toilet lid should be closed when flushing!

This is also advised by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on its "" portal: "It is best to close the toilet lid before flushing."

Then open the toilet lid again and remove residual dirt with a toilet brush.

"Press the flush again after closing the toilet lid. By closing the lid, it is to be avoided that pathogens are sprayed into the environment when rinsing, ”said the experts.

Gastrointestinal diseases threaten

The specialist for hygiene and environmental medicine, Dr. med. Ernst Tabori recommends this hygiene rule. In an article in the online newspaper "Huffington Post" he explains: "When washing up, there is a spray cloud."

"Many intestinal germs, which are hidden in smaller drops, reach the surfaces in the bathroom," says the expert from the German Hygiene Advisory Center.

The pathogens spray on towels, toothbrushes and other hygiene and care products that are in the room, among other things.

If you then dry yourself with a towel, for example, or brush your teeth with a toothbrush, the bacteria can get into your body and, at worst, result in gastrointestinal disease. (ad)

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