German Naturopathy Day in Hanover

German Naturopathy Day in Hanover

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Heilpraxis is a sponsor of the German Naturopathy Day

Naturopathy is the trend. The use of naturopathic procedures is offered and asked for in numerous complaints. In addition, the knowledge of how the processes work is growing steadily. The latest findings and developments in the field of naturopathy will be presented at the German Naturopathy Day in Hanover next Saturday. Heilpraxis is the exclusive sponsor of the congress.

The German Naturopathic Day will take place on Saturday, October 6th, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. in the Congress Center in Hanover. The Naturopathy Day is organized by the Association of German Alternative Practitioners and sponsored by alternative practitioners. For those interested in naturopathy, both professionally and privately, the congress offers naturopathic lectures, workshops, professional policy news and extensive information on natural treatment methods.

This year's Naturopathy Day takes place in the Congress Center in Hanover. The event offers an ideal opportunity to establish or refresh contacts among naturopaths and to deepen knowledge about practical treatment methods. But the congress also offers a lot of interesting facts for all those interested in private matters. In addition to highly qualified lectures and practical workshops, the stands of the exhibitors revolve around everything related to naturopathy.

Tombola and barbecue evening

In addition to the technical seminars and workshops, there is also a raffle raffle with naturopathic prizes and the congress ends with a free barbecue evening, which also includes vegetarian and vegan dieters. (vb)

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